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Polish Interpreter in Budapest

BlueBabel offers wide range of services in Central European countries. I am a professional and I take my role very seriously. I know that in order to perform on high level there is a need for both passion for the job and for thorough preparation. If you need language related services for your business in Poland or in Hungary, then Bluebabel is the place for you to go. If you need a conference interpreter with my language combination, then I am happy to give you a quote.

Here is the list of my recent conferences:


• Renewable and Sustainable Technologies and Energy Supply Business Conference, Budapest (EN-PL, PL-EN).

• COSAC, Conference of Community and European Affairs Committees of Parliaments of the European Union, (Prime Minister of Hungary, Vice-President of the EU Commission, Chairpersons of EU Committees of Polish Sejm and Senat), Budapest, (EN, IT, HU, ES-PL; PL-EN).

• The Small Business Act for Europe & European Enterprise Awards 2011 Conference, (Director of Gdansk Municipal Labour Office), Budapest, (EN, IT-PL, PL-EN)

• E-Justice Conference (Secretary of State in Ministry of Justice of Poland), Budapest, (PL-EN).

• EU Talent Day Conference (Under-Secretary of State of Ministry of Education of Poland), Budapest, (PL-EN)

• Prostate Cancer Trials Conference, Budapest, (EN-PL)

• Forensic Investigative Training Conference, Budapest (Polish Police Department Officers), (EN-PL)

• 1st International Polonia Journalists Workshops, Budapest

• European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, Budapest, (EN, IT - PL)

• International Law Enforcement Academy, Budapest, (EN-PL)

• European Social Forum, Malmö (EN, IT, ES-PL)

• European Meeting of Insurance Companies, Budapeszt (EN-PL)


I provide references in several languages upon request.

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